Land Acquisition Policy

  • Golden Cougar’s Land Acquisition Policy reflects our corporate responsibility with a proper acquisition process that can identity, manage and avoid the adverse impact.
  • Formally, most of Golden Cougar’s project and services are performed after a contract or agreement or tender approval from our clients / government departments.
  • Land Acquisition, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Social Impact Assessments (SIA), relocation and resettlement of the projects are already performed by client/ government before a contract or tender improvement.
  • As an aspect of our going forward responsibility and accountable corporate citizenship, we comply with our land acquisition policy.
  • The land acquisition policy will strive a good standard on environmental and social sustainability to ensure engaging of our operational benefit for all stakeholders and for local community.
  • The adopted principles of land acquisition are –
    • Adopt the principle and performance in line with regional laws and regulations and International Standard of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) Article 10.
    • Respect for existing land Rights (Formal or Informal)
    • Transparency in Negotiation.
    • Minimize the impact and promote sustainability of environment.
    • Share benefits with local community and all stakeholders.
    • Prior, fair and voluntary consent of indigenous people without coercion, manipulation or intimidation.
  • Any dispute, complaints and concerns of land acquisition can raise openly with channels to subsidiaries or to central from any aggrieved person, stakeholder or community.
  • Our Grievance Policy is an access way of any grievance concerned by any person of internal, external or community.
  • The Legal and Compliance department is appointed to resolve any dispute.
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