Health, Safety and Environment

Golden Cougar is committed to establish high performance standards of Health and Safety at our activities with protecting our people and minimizing impact on the environment.

Safety is our core value and all people must actively support the Health, Safety and Environment policies and practices and we will create and achieve our goal of accident free workplace every day and everywhere.

Golden Cougar management will take a proactive approach in creating in safe place to work for all employees and the public with establishment of Health, Safety and Environment policies.

Golden Cougar ‘s management will be accountable and responsible for : –

  • Continuous improving safety with education, training and involvement from all people.
  • Assigning responsibility for all aspect of safety program for their owned safety and safety of other.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Risks and hazard’s identification, assessments, evaluation and action to avoid recurrence and to ensure ongoing suitably.

Through observance and encouragement of Health, Safety and Environment policy, we assist in protecting the overall well being of our people, contractors, community and the company.

  HSE Menual (Eng).pdf