Grievance Policy

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    Cougar’s Grievance Policy is designed and support the employees, stakeholders and community those deal with grievance situations in the workplace or in the local vicinity.
  • Golden Cougar implement a culture of respect, dignity and fair treatment for everyone and for dealing with complaints and grievances.
  • Grievance is any type of problem, concern or complaint related to work environment and it may be unfair, discriminatory or unjustified act, situation, decision or omission.
  • Under the Grievance Policy, any grievance is treated justly, fairly and resolve promptly and transparently with a consistent response.
  • The Grievance Policy is adopted with procedures such as confidentiality, impartiality, protection of report person, understanding the needs of concern, fair, immediate and satisfactory response.
  • The contacts for Grievance Policy are to the local managers, to assigned Whistle Blowing officers, Head of Legal and Compliance (or) Human Resource department. The communication channels are through mail anonymously or two way communication.
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Head, Legal and Compliance Department.

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