Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Cougar is committed to protect the Health and Safety of all people working at or visiting our workplace and also protect and conserve the environment.

To achieve and maintain successful Health, Safety and Environment system, workplace and the goal of zero incident, zero defect every day and everywhere by strong commitment from top management, create general awareness and impose a share responsibility among all members in the organization.

Health and Safety policies

  • Work according to applicable laws, codes and regulations.
  • Comply with approved procedures, rules and instructions.
  • Provide all necessary information, instructions and supervision.
  • Training of Health, Safety and Environment matters, providing awareness and knowledge, risks and hazards, duties and responsibilities to all relevant persons.
  • Regular reviewing of objectives, targets and policies of Health, Safety and Environment management system and risk assessment to ensure on going suitability.
  • Provide safe system of work facilitated by efficient plan and effective management.
  • All incidents must be reported and investigated, remedial actions assigned and completed.
  • Set up clear objectives and progress is reviewed regularly.
  • Review documents in accordance with a scheduled program or after a significant change.

Line managers are responsible and accountable for ensuring compliance with all Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures.

Environment Policy

  • We all have responsibility to care and protect our environment. Our activities can have direct and indirect impacts upon the environment of both local and more broadly to the pollution of soil, air and water.
  • Golden Cougar comply with current environmental practices and legislations.
  • Golden Cougar is fully committed to improve environmental performances and to reduce environmental impacts of our business activities through our management on our process, our materials and our people.
  • Our activities in business operations and in resource usage also comply with due regard to environmental issues as practically reasonable.
  • Golden Cougar procure and purchase only sustainable products feasible with low environmental impacts and with use renewable energy resources (operational Machines, Equipment’s, materials and Method)
  • Adopt an environmentally sound strategy in operational and transportation mechanism.
  • Conduct EIA and SIA (Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment) in all newly performed projects by internal audit board or by independent auditor as on requirement. Every person working at the site is responsible for protection of environment.
  • When your work at the site
    • You must consider the impact of the job on environment , then
    • You put in control to protect environment.
    • Reduce the amount of waste you produce
    • Reuse the materials where you can
    • Recycle the materials and use it for something else
    • Proper waste disposal